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Floratropicana flower and plant photograpger.


a bit about me:

I'm Anna, a nature lover and photographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of plants, flowers, and landscapes. I established Floratropicana to showcase the splendor of nature through my lens.

My journey in photography began during my teenage years, and over time,

it has become an essential part of my life. With a background in horticulture,

I have developed a deep appreciation for the intricate beauty of plants and flowers, which I aim to capture through my photographs.

Through my photography, I strive to capture the perfect balance and harmony of nature, the inner beauty of plants and flowers, and the scenes of hidden magic that often go unnoticed. My aim is to convey my emotions and love for nature directly to the audience.

Photography is more than just a profession; it's a way of life, an enjoyable experience that fills me with a sense of wonder and inspiration.

I prefer to call it "natural still photography" as it captures the essence of nature in its purest form.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my photography.

I hope my work inspires you to appreciate the beauty of nature and connect with the world around us.


Paid Downloads:

You can find paid downloads on leading stock photography platforms, including

Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Dreamstime.

These platforms offer a wide selection of my high-quality images for licensing purposes. Simply visit these platforms and download my work for personal or commercial use.

Please note that the availability and pricing of the downloads may vary on each platform.

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FREE Downloads:

Explore my collection of high-quality photographs available for free download exclusively on Unsplash. Visit my Unsplash profile to access a variety of captivating images that you can use for personal projects, presentations, or creative endeavors.

Please note that the images on Unsplash may have specific usage rights and restrictions.

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